Юлии 17 лет, в этом году в Алгоритм А* она окончила программу A-level по Истории, Географии и Английской литературе. Её цель – изучать Глобальные Управление в университете Tor Vergata в Италии – стране, о которой она мечтала с раннего детства. 

Интервью на языке оригинала

What is your favourite thing about Algorithm A*?

The teachers are experienced and they can help me even after the lesson. I also enjoy the location, because it’s in the center and I can go everywhere.

What is your favourite subject?

It’s difficult to choose because I like all of them. They all combine the things that I like. They were always my favourite subjects at school too – in Russia and in England.

Why did you choose to study in English?

I think it gives me more opportunities to work or study in whichever country I choose in the future. I studied in England for 2 years, and wanted to continue my AS levels here. Apparently, it was a completely new programme, but I was already kind of familiar with it.

Julia was recently accepted onto the Global Governance programme at Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy.

When I found out that I had been accepted to my dream university, Tor Vergata, I could not stop jumping and crying for almost 15 minutes! In my childhood, I remember watching American films with teenagers’ reactions to university acceptance letters. At the time, I did not think this would ever happen to me, but, fortunately, it did. I cannot describe how happy I feel about being accepted to this specific university for this course, which focuses on international relations and global economics. After all of the research, interviews and hard work, I can now finally proceed to study something that I really love and make my bachelor degree useful to my future career.

Why Global Governance?

The course covers political, international relationships, as well globalization and business and a bit of public speaking. It combines everything that I like. I want to become part of an international organization and work for the United Nations, but in the beginning, I’d probably work for small organizations and have an internship somewhere. I plan to work in the poverty segment. I’d like to work in Africa and in Russia, because it’s my home country. After I left for 2 years I’d like to do something for my country. If at first I work at an international level, one day I could try to contribute to my own country, because at the moment I don’t know how to do that.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I guess I would choose this job, but in a high position, so that I can actually make my ideas come true. Then, I would like to organize a charity organization in Russia and manage it. I would like to address poverty and low pensions in Russia, and childcare and disease.

Tell us about your university application process.

I applied to three universities in Rome. I love the Italian language and I’ve had a passion for Italy since I was very little, maybe six years old, and heard Italian songs and couldn’t stop listening to them. It was my dream to study in Italy. There are only 20 international students and 20 Italian students chosen for the course I was accepted for. At other universities I applied for International Relations.

How complicated are you finding the process of applying to Italian universities?

There are different universities in Italy; for most of them, you have to apply through the Italian University in Russia. You can only apply to one university. However, if you want to apply to more, you can also apply online directly to some universities. In an online application you have to send your CV, personal statement, previous marks and previous education, certificates. They will then have an interview with you over Skype and decide.

Have you considered volunteering?

Yes! I’d love to volunteer! My favourite university course offers a volunteering internship!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I hate this question! I guess I will have finished my bachelor’s degree, after that I would volunteer somewhere and then work in an organization. I have no idea which country it would be in, and I think that’s great!

What do you enjoy doing outside of your academic life?

I like sports, like ice-skating, roller-skating and dancing. I like dancing to older music, from the 1950s and all the way up to 1990s. I like roller-skating in the summer and spring, because it gives me so much freedom and I feel like I can connect with nature when I roller-skate in parks.

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