First stage of Secondary school. Equivalent to years 5-7 of the Russian school.

Age: 10+

Duration: 3 years

The main objective of the Pre-GCSE program is to cover Key Stage 3 of the UK national curriculum. Students can try all available academic subject in order to choose future GCSE subjects. Special attention is paid to further improvement of essay writing skills and exam techniques. A lot of work is carried out in individual and group project formats. Students master data collection and analysis, and practice in debating and presentation. Soft skills are perfected – communication, leadership, teamwork are crucial for future success not only in academics but also in any professional career.

After completing a 3-year KS3 program students move onto the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) – a globally recognized qualification awarded to students completing a 2-year program. GCSE is an equivalent of the Russian attestat “o ne polnom srednem obrzovanii”. Academically capable students are allowed to complete the GCSE program in 1 year. Exams take place in Moscow, 3 times a year, at one of the Algorithm A* accredited centers in Moscow.


  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)


20 000 rubles per month


Finals at the end of each academic year.