Misha, GCSE graduate

Mikhail joined Algorithm in Year 11, jumping straight into the second year of his GCSEs. Driven, motivated and eager to learn, Mikhail noted a definite learning curve at the start of the year, but one that has opened many new doors.

I don’t find it difficult at all. The programmes are very different and it’s easy for me to study both the Russian and the British programmes at the same time. What’s great about it, is the wider understanding of some topics. It really helps me to improve my understanding in some spheres connected to science, and humanities; subjects that are connected to community are different, so it helps me to increase my knowledge. I find it interesting to study both programmes at the same time; different people, different teachers.

I eventually understood that I would need a British education in my life, that it will give me more opportunities. I decided to come here and start my education with you. Before Algorithm, I went to a standard Russian school and English courses. I understood that I didn’t really have much in common with those kids. They wanted very different things in their life, in their future – they wanted less, from themselves, from life, from others, than I did. When I understood this, I thought that it was time to change something, to find something new. It was my initiative to change schools; I found this school through a friend of mine, who is studying here.

For those who are motivated enough and enjoy studying, like I do, and for those who know what they want from life and have high expectations of their education, Algorithm is the best place. I find that it’s great how the teachers here are really interested in their subjects. They truly enjoy doing their job. Of course, the understanding of their subject is really deep. Most students are really motivated, and they motivate me to do my best and to search for something new within me.

A year ago, Mikhail was set on becoming a film director. Having broadened his horizons, and found new and exciting subjects for himself, Mikhail is now struggling to narrow down his choices for A-levels.

When I came here, I wanted to study human sciences. Now I really don’t know what I want to do next. These few week, I have to choose my future subjects, but I really like studying how I do now, without giving all my attention to one subject. Of course, I’ve thought of Film Directing this year, but I haven’t completed any courses in it.

To be honest, I didn’t really have many expectations for this year, because I didn’t really know what it would be like. I didn’t know what the British programme entailed, and I hadn’t heard much about it. Of course, I thought that it would be difficult, and it was difficult at the beginning, with a definite language barrier. However, the end of the year was good, and I think I did well. I got a deeper understanding in some topics, and improved my vocabulary in some scientific topics. This year, I improved myself.

Next year, I plan to take science subjects because I am thinking about studying Neuroscience. This year, I understood that it’s a really interesting subject and that I need to go abroad in order to study it. As a result, I have decided to take Chemistry and Biology. Maybe I’ll change my mind, because those subjects never seemed like my cup of tea, but maybe I’ll give it a shot. I want to take Mathematics, because people say it is necessary. I’m also considering Business, because Business and Economic education is better abroad than it is in Russia. In my Russian programme I decided to take more humanities related subjects, more closely connected to Art: Literature, Social Sciences, etc. I don’t know what will come of these choices in the end. Maybe I will find myself.

I can take scientific subjects in the Russian programme, but when applying to university, if it’s for something that’s connected with Genetics or Biology, I’ll have to have studied Biology and Mathematics at A-level. In that case, there’ll be no space for humanities subjects that I, perhapsm, enjoy studying more.

Making the most of the summer break after his GCSE exams, Mikhail is going to the University of Cambridge to take part in a summer Media Studies course.

I’m really excited. It’ll be my first experience spending summer holidays abroad, of course only for 2 weeks, surrounded by English speaking people. I think it may be a bit difficult for me, but I accept this challenge. I’ll also explore Cambridge and see if I would like to study there in the future. I’ve been to the United States, somewhere in New Jersey, and I wouldn’t like to study there at all. We lived on campus at a university and attended courses connected to Physics. I don’t really want to live in the United States. I enjoy Europe more. I chose the Media Studies course to resolve this question on whether I want to go into film directing or not. There was a choice of trying out Neuroscience as well, but the dates didn’t suit me.


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