About US

Algorithm A* Russia is a specialized accredited international study and exam center, delivering UK, US and Russian national programs. As an accredited UK teaching institute and EDEXCEL exam center (#97062), we have the right to conduct UK national GCSE and A-level exams in our centers in Moscow. Our satellite school in the US, accredited by NAAS, allows our students to obtain US High School Diplomas through the partial transfer of credits from the Russian school. Over 20 year of CITO experience in the preparation of international students according to the Russian national curriculum and university entrance examination requirements allows our student to continue with two or even three programs at the same time. Our Technological partner – CifraLab provides us with state of the art technologies for online learning, used by students from over 60 counties on a daily basis. Satellite schools in the US, the UK, and Switzerland allow our students to pursue and continue with familiar programs irrespective of where in the world they happen to be. Our team of more than a 100 highly qualified teachers, 24 of whom are Ph.Ds, ensures an excellent result in the shortest time and with optimum resources.

Our programs

The unique distinction of our programs is that all of them are delivered in both face-to-face and online formats from anywhere in the world. Preparation could be organized in individual and group formats, any student can combine various programs. Each year, there are fewer situations or problems which we have not encountered before. Our team has worked with students, who are 10 hours away from Moscow, with students, who decide to change to other countries curriculum after many years of studying, with students who represent various nations in the most competitive sport events in the world, with students, who perform on the most famous stages, run personal exhibitions, and act in movies. Whatever is the situation, we most certainly have dealt with it before.
For every situation, we have precise algorithms and procedures to control the study process, monitor progress, facilitate communication and ensure high quality exam preparation.


Formed over many years, our team of teachers is our real pride and joy. Working with Algorithm A* students requires a lot of commitment, as well as professional and personal development and growth. Each of our teachers is, primarily, a passionate expert in his or her subject. Each of them has had a broad teaching experience. Each of them is proud of the results our students achieve. And each of them knows that we have been entrusted with the most valuable thing – the children’s future.


More than 30 British, American and Russian study and exam preparation programs


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