A-level tuition

An A-level tutor should be well versed not only in the content part of the exams for each of the student’s modules, but also in their format. Some modules are submitted in writing, others – in the form of coursework and practical work, or in the form of research. Algorithm A* Center A-level tutors are simultaneously acting A-level teachers at our British high school in Moscow, which guarantees a high level of their qualifications and awareness of all the latest developments and trends in British secondary education. A good tutor should be familiar not only with the format of the examination board which he teaches at the school, but must also have a very clear what the contents of the A-level examinations of the other examination boards are and how they differ from A-level Edexcel exams. This knowledge is extremely important, since in the event of a change of country and school, or if additional GCSE training is required, in case of difficulties or when preparing for final GCSE examinations, the student should feel as comfortable as possible and have mutual understanding with the tutor. Only a knowledgeable teacher can provide all of the above.

All of the A-level tutors at our Center, without exception, are professionals in their field. They are, first and foremost, subject teachers, with high qualifications and vast experience of teaching the British programme.