Russian-British school Algorithm is:

An opportunity to complete your secondary education and successfully prepare to enter the best universities in Russia and around the world.

  • We offer both Russian and British school programmes, with graduates receiving Russian and British certificates of education.
  • We are the only international school in the Russian Federation, whose student was accepted to The University of Oxford.
  • In 2018 more than 54% of graduates got A and A* for A-Level and GCSE exams.
  • In 2016-2018, 20 graduates went on to study at leading British, American and European universities; 11 to MGIMO, 33 to Moscow State University, and 28 to the Higher School of Economics
  • At our school, you may sit British A-level and GCSE school exams, as well as the Oxford and Cambridge entrance examinations.


British School          Russian School

Our Teachers

  • Jeffrey


    University of London, Diploma for Graduates in Economics
    University of London, Masters in Research in Education and Social Sciences
    Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, PhD in Technical sciences

    Teaching experience: 17 years

    ‘I try not to just tell a student no, that’s wrong. Instead, I ask why, or how did you arrive at that answer? It is only by interacting and engaging with the material that a student can actually learn, not by being knocked over the head with the ultimate truth. I think Socrates had some very good ideas about how to teach!’

  • Ilya


    Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry

    University of Bern, PhD in Chemistry and Molecular science

    Teaching experience: 9 years

    ‘Good education has very little to do with tips and tricks on how to pass some tests. Good education is about personal growth and a deep understanding of the world around us’.

  • Sergey


    Moscow State University of Education, Department of Physics
    Harvard University, Researcher

    PhD in Physical and Mathematical sciences

    Teaching experience: 14 years

    ‘Physics is simple. Mathematics is beautiful’

  • Vasily


    Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
    New Economic School

    Teaching Experience: 9 years

    ‘In the modern world mathematics plays a key role both in science and in day to day life. My aim is to explain to students that mathematics is very interesting and not that hard’.

  • Elena


    The Russian State University for the Humanities, Institute for History and Philology, with Honours
    Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, USA, Master of Arts, MA
    The Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

    Teaching experience: 7 years

    ‘Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs – few things can be as gratifying as seeing your students’ progress. This is what brought me into this profession six years ago, and since then, it has become my true passion. I believe that above all, a good teacher needs to be genuinely enthusiastic about his or her subject to infect students with it. Teaching skills are also important – planning lessons, finding appropriate teaching materials, and designing interactive activities are crucial for making the learning process both effective and entertaining. In my own lessons, I use every possible means to raise students’ interest in the humanities, and to teach them such important skills as critical thinking, close reading, and writing’.

  • Anastasia


    The University of Leeds, Russell Group, United Kingdom
    English and History, Degree of Bachelor of Arts
    Cambridge CELTA certificate

    Teaching experience: 5 years

    ‘I love working with people and it is important for me to see that my work makes a difference to people’s lives. I would describe myself as an energetic, enthusiastic and innovative teacher. Indeed, my attitude is that I need to continually push myself to learn and develop’

  • Natalia


    The Financial University of the Russian Federation, Corporate Finance

    MGIMO, Master of Area Studies, International Relations

    MGIMO, Simultaneous interpreter for International organizations

    MGIMO, Bachelor of International Relations

    Teaching experience: 7 years

    ‘The student is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled’.

  • Alex


    Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, MA in Lingustics

    Teaching experience: 6 years

    ‘I’d started working with a teenage audience long before my graduation and haven’t lost the fascination for my job ever since. Multicultural communication has already become an essential point for everyone eager to achieve success in life. It’s an infinite realm of cooperation between the teacher and the pupil, that is why the best motivation for me is to see my student’s knowing look after any linguistic discussion we have’

  • Ekaterina


    American University, Beirut, Lebanon
    Hokkaido University, Japan
    PhD in biological sciences

    Teaching experience: 10 years

    ‘I think I was born to be a teacher, because I really love to make my students interested in whatever topic I teach. Biology is my favorite and I think the most exciting subject that one can study and explore. As a teacher I always put three major goals in front of me to follow throughout my teaching year: to make my students interested in the subject that I teach, to make them understand every single detail of it and to make them able to perform well in the end of the year exams’

  • Stephen


    Keble College, Oxford
    Oxford Brookes University

    Teaching experience: 11 years

    ‘Confidence and love of the subject one is studying. Without these two qualities, I firmly believe, no meaningful learning is ever possible. One can learn things by rote, and regurgitate things when one needs to, but true understanding of a subject only comes when one genuinely believes that that subject is part of oneself, when, in the modern jargon, one assumes ownership of it. And a student achieves that, certainly in the arts and humanities, not by obediently copying down the ‘right’ answers (except, obviously, in matters of fact), but by questioning, by arguing, by hypothesizing, and, above all, by taking risks’

  • Matthew


    Trinity College, Dublin, BA. Economics, 2:1
    Specialised in Intermediate and Advanced Micro and Macro Economic analysis, International Economics and The History of Monetary Thought

    Teaching experience: 8 years

    ‘From my experience so far, I think that being good at a subject does not mean you can necessarily tutor it well. My strength lies in my ability to build intuition and enthusiasm around a subject, especially if a student is lacking a little bit of confidence’.

  • Timofey


    Moscow State University, Department of Physics, PhD in Physical and Mathematical sciences

    Teaching experience: 7 years

    ‘You need to study Physics diligently to understand the world order: only the curious ones can make physics answer the question ‘why?’ My aim therefore is to teach students to be curious!’

  • Omari


    University of Oxford (BA Hons) English & Spanish 2:1
    Specialised in Fin de siècle English Victorian Literature and the Latin American Boom

    Teaching experience: 8 years

    ‘As an approachable and lively person as well, I hope to offer more than just academics. I’m really pleased that I’ve become a positive role model for many of my students and often it’s them who ask their parents for me to come back again – even after I’ve helped them through the original test or exam they were struggling with’

  • Brogan


    Ravensbourne, BA (Hons) Degree in Photography

    Teaching experience: 5 years

    ‘Assure each student’s individual success!’

  • Elias


    University of York, MSc Management, BSc Economics and Finance LSE

    Teaching experience: 7 years

    ‘I constantly introduce elements that lie ahead in the line of knowledge. This way when tackling with a knowledge block, it is already framed in the students’ mind, which increases their confidence and speeds up the learning process’

  • Raisa


    Gubkin University, Reservoir engineering department, Phd

    Teaching experience: 5 years

    ‘I believe that the atmosphere you create as a teacher greatly affects the progress of your student. The lesson should be topic based leaving room for teacher-student interaction. A mentally challenging lesson with a good atmosphere is the aim during my lessons’

  • Vera


    Moscow State University, Department of Geography
    PhD in Geography

    Teaching experience: 4 years
    ‘When studying Geography, the most important skill is the understanding of the interrelation of all ongoing processes in the world, both physically and socio-geographically. The ability to think globally lets the students be successful not only in Geography, but also in any other speciality. It is important for me to teach the students how to use spatial analysis and mathematical tools, as well as to represent the analysis results graphically. Students should focus on the terminology both in English and in Russian, as well as learn how to apply their knowledge practically’

  • Mariam


    California State University, Sacramento, B. A.
    Educational Counseling, University of LaVerne, M.A.

    Teaching experience: 15 years

    ‘I have been working in the field of Education for 14 years already. I am a credentialed teacher and had taught at the U.S high school level for 6 years before becoming an educational counselor at the middle school. I am absolutely convinced that a high-quality education should be available for every student all over the world, and I am proud of having chosen a kind of profession that allows me to help students achieve their goals’

  • Azrat


    Technological university
    Moscow Teacher of the Year 2015 finalist

    Teaching experience: 10,5 years

    ‘Quality of teaching is quality of communication. Quality of communication is the only thing which differentiates self-study from teaching’

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