Elizaveta, A-level student

Last year, Lisa joined Algorithm, deciding to give up Russian education in favour of the British A-level porgamme. Now going into Year 13, studying Mathematics, Economics and History, Lisa intends to go to university in America, with a view to studying Advertising.

I decided to get an education abroad and to emigrate. My family is thinking about moving abroad to Canada, where I was born. However, it was my decision to get an education in America. Last year I was in Boston and saw the universities, the atmosphere. I really liked it. I decided to quit my Russian school, because I decided that it would be impossible to study in both schools.

I’m studying History, Math and Economics. I’m finding it really interesting – I love everything. At first I didn’t like Statistics at all, but after a while I started to understand it better due to some individual lessons. I’m very happy that I chose these subjects, although of course they’re challenging. Sometimes I think I know almost everything and then we have a mock and I see that there’s still a lot to learn.

In the future, Lisa sees herself studying Advertising Communications in Boston, US.

I am a creative person, and I’d like to go into advertising. I’d like to go to Boston university. I’m not looking at the top universities, such as Stanford, as they don’t usually have advertising programmmes.

Boston is like a centre of culture. I didn’t visit many cities in America; I went to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. I considered Boston to be the best place for learning. Maybe it’s more similar to Russia or Europe than the other cities. It’s not so noisy, not so much action, not so hot. There are many students, studying and sitting with their computers in Starbucks — I want to be there with them.

Lisa has enjoyed the relaxed and supportive atmosphere at Algorithm.

Everything is perfect! It’s very homely and there’s no pressure, unlike Russian school. I can eat in the kitchen during my study break, which is very convenient. I like my teachers; all of them are very nice. I can always ask my teachers questions and they always answer. I’m interested in everything I learn here. I was never really interested in my Russian school, but here, the subjects are something entertaining for me. I was able to choose the subjects that were interesting for me and not to take the ones I don’t like or don’t need in the future. Now I understand what I’m doing and what for.

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